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When you arrive at the Scale

exercise care and yield the right-of-way turning off the highway onto the landfill access road,

- for safety and to control dust do not exceed the posted speed limit (30 km/hr),

- stop at the “Stop” sign at the inner gate.  If the scale is occupied yield to oncoming traffic.  If the scale is busy alternate with oncoming vehicles and wait your turn,

- drive onto the scale and stop with the driver’s window adjacent the speaker,

- when asked by the scale operator declare where you are coming from (City of Brooks, County of Newell, Village of Duchess, etc.) and detail what waste materials you are bringing to the landfill,

- if you are bringing in a refrigerant containing appliance take the steps off the scale and proceed to the scalehouse to pay the disposal fee,

- once you have been weighed proceed as directed to the various recycling and disposal locations,

- if unsure ask the scale operator for clarification,

- the scale operator will regularly inspect loads to track waste types and to confirm compliance with landfill rules.

- after unloading if there is a disposal fee applied stop on the scale adjacent the exit speaker and after weighing proceed to the scalehouse to make payment.

Landfill staff have the authority to question, refuse or redirect any waste materials.

NO SCAVENGING IS ALLOWED WITHIN THE LANDFILL.   Depending on the circumstances and the nature of the item permission may be sought to remove an easily and safely accessible object such as an appliance knob from the recycling area.

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