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Make it Easy - Prepare Your Load

- if unsure check the Newell Regional Landfill website for open hours, acceptable and unacceptable wastes and any applicable disposal fees

- bag or secure loose materials, tarp loose Loads

- keep recyclables separate from wastes for ease of off-loading as directed at the various collection sites at the landfill.  Recyclables collected include:

- propane tanks and fence wire (tightly coiled and without posts

- clean sorted tires without rims

- scrap metal (furniture such as hide-a-beds & and objects which are more than half metal are considered metal) and propane tanks

- triple rinsed empty agricultural chemical containers

- e-waste (computers, monitors, printers, televisions & home electronics)

- household paints and hazardous wastes (separate arrangements must be made for commercial and larger quantities of these materials)

- automobile batteries

- tarp and secure your load

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