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Agricultural Waste
Pesticide Container Storage

Fence Posts  - Wire must be off posts and tightly coiled, a disposal fee will be applied to commercial & large quantities and to bundles of loose wire with posts.


Larger quantities of grain, hay, straw, grain dust, screenings & moldy grain, other dusty or non-stackable wastes or any other wastes requiring special handling may be subject to a disposal fee.  Where possible the preferred option is diversion to land spreading or any other suitable disposal method.

Larger quantities of baler twine, bale wrap and plastic film (silage cover, grain & bale bags) are subject to a disposal fee.  If bags are clean (less than 5% contamination) and tightly rolled and tied there may be recycling options for this waste, ask at the scale house.  Burning of plastics pollutes the soil and air with very toxic chemicals and is also illegal!

Pesticide containers must be empty and triple rinsed  Every third year there is a one day collection of left over agricultural chemicals (last held in 2016).  For details contact Clean Farms at 1-877-622-4460 ext. 2223,

Veterinary sharps (needles and scalpels or blades) must be in sealed clearly labelled containers.

Burning of any garbage is strongly discouraged due to health (toxic chemicals produced) and safety (burns, exploding cans) concerns.  They also present a serious dfire hazard at the landfill and burn barrel contents will only be accepted if absolutely cold and will be directed to be dumped at a designated location.

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