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What We Don’t Accept

- Commercial or Larger Quantities or Specific Hazardous Wastes,

- Radioactive Wastes,

- Large Metal Objects, Automobiles, Bulk Fuel tanks,

- Hot or Burning Wastes (declare burn barrels),

- Large Dead Animals,

- Loose Wire with Posts,

- Unapproved Asbestos & Asbestos Containing Materials 

            (“Zonolite” Vermiculite insulation requires analyses)

- Unrinsed & Liquid Containing Agricultural Chemical Containers,

- Explosives,

- Liquids or Sludges,

- Biomedical/Pathological Wastes (needles must be in marked sealed   containers),

- SRM Wastes (Cattle are Not Accepted),

- Used Oil, Filters and Containers (take these to Newell Recycling or a bulk dealer),

- Bulk Recyclables (Paper, Cardboard, Polyethylene & HDPE pipe, Etc.).

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