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The Recycling Area

As you drive off the scale to the left is the recycling area where there are separate disposal sites for refrigerant bearing appliances, scrap metal, tires, agricultural chemical containers, e-waste and household electronics and paint and household hazardous wastes. 

Deposit the materials as directed at the appropriate disposal site. 

- Refrigerators and freezers must be placed upright for ease of access to remove refrigerant.

- Small metal objects must be placed in the large blue metal bin.  If an item is at least half metal (eg metal chair with padded seat) it goes in the metal pile.

- Paint and household hazardous wastes are to be placed on the indicated table,  Household hazardous wastes must be in sealed containers and must be labelled as to contents.

- Automotive batteries are placed in the plastic liner in the shed.

- Clean cardboard from the recycling area and waste cell loads will be directed to a compactor bin in the recycling area



Fridges & Freezers

Paint and Household Chemicals



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