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Construction & Demolition (C&D) Debris, Shingles and Siding

- The C&D cell is located in the NW corner of the landfill property.  Access is by driving west on the main road past the burn cells and concrete and asphalt areas and turning left past the east end of the soil berm.  Construction and demolition debris is deposited in the cell NW corner where it is pushed up and compacted.

- Asphalt shingles are being stockpiled in the SE corner of the C&D cell for future recycling.  Separate out metal and bag plastic covers and other loose waste materials at the job site for separate disposal (plastic and other non-shingle materials in shingles will result in customer sorting on-site and/or an improper sorting penalty).  Wood shakes and shingles go to the C&D pile or to the MSW cell #4 as directed.


- Vinyl siding is also being stockpiled for future recycling.  The stockpile is located on the south side of the C&D cell.  Remove nails, bag loose waste materials and take cardboard to a recycling depot.

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