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The Newell Regional Landfill promotes and supports waste reduction, diversion and
recycling throughout the County of Newell. Materials which are accepted at Newell
Recycling 24 hour drop-off include:


  • clean cardboard (waxed cardboard is acceptable),

  • paper, newsprint and magazines,

  • thread protectors,

  • polyethylene pipe (rigid pipe such as PVC, fibreglass, ABS and composite pipe are not currently recyclable),

  • oil containers, used oil and used oil filters (used oil is a hazardous waste and cannot be accepted at the landfill).

  • computers & peripherals, televisions and other household electronics

  • fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs

  • residential quantities of paint and household chemicals

Loads with recyclable material(s) may be rejected or may require sorting at the Newell
Regional Landfill.


At the Newell Regional Landfill all incoming wastes must be identified at the scale where
they are directed to the proper location. In addition to waste cells there are separate
disposal sites for:


  • burnable pallets, lumber (not painted or treated) and branches (no garbage),

  • non-burnable wood (roots, stumps, trunks & larger branches),

  • metal (some attached wood, plastic or other materials may be acceptable),

  • concrete & asphalt,

  • tires (rims must be removed),

  • asphalt shingles only (plastic wrappers must be bagged for separate disposal

  • agricultural pesticide containers (rinsed & empty),

  • televisions, computers, printers, monitors and other household electronics

  • paint & household hazardous wastes (commercial & industrial quantities must goto a processor such as DBS Lethbridge).

It is the responsibility of the generator to ensure that any materials sent to the landfill are acceptable and are segregated as required. Loads which contain substantial amounts of recyclables and/or wastes which should be segregated may be rejected at the landfill.
Otherwise the landfill manager may apply a $100 to $250 surcharge for improperly segregated or dumped materials at the landfill. Landfill operator and equipment time for sorting will be charged back at a rate of $100/hour. A second or even a third container may be warranted to avoid penalties and may even be more cost effective as the individual containers will need less frequent emptying, penalties will be avoided and tipping fees for sorted recyclables and wastes are less than for mixed commercial/industrial wastes.

For recycling options call Newell Recycling: (403) 362-2132
To contact the landfill directly: (403) 362-5188.
For waste management & diversion contact Newell Regional Solid Waste at (403) 362-
For more information regarding the Newell Regional Landfill see its web site at
Thank you for your cooperation.
R. A. (Ray) Juska
Manager, NRSWMA Ltd.

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