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The Newell Regional Landfill and transfer stations operate under a Province of Alberta


Approval. This and other Provincial Legislation specify what wastes and materials can be accepted at the Newell collection and disposal facilities. In addition improper sorting and dumping of some wastes poses a serious health and safety risk to other residents, to Newell Waste Management Staff and to the environment.

Loose garbage must be in tied bags to prevent litter. Only non-hazardous and nonrecyclable wastes should be disposed of into your owned or rented waste container, dumpster or bin. If hazardous or bulk unacceptable wastes are found delivered to the landfill an improper dumping fee of $100-250 may be applied. This includes in loads delivered by collection vehicles where all efforts will be made to identify the source. In extreme cases a regulatory agency (Alberta Environment, Police or Fire) may become involved.



Burning of wastes is strongly discouraged and in most cases is illegal. Burning plastics in particular give off toxic smoke and vapours which are dangerous to health and can
contaminate the surrounding soil. Plastic baler twine is recyclable and collection bags or totes can be obtained from Newell Recycling or through the Newell Waste Management Authority. There may also be recycling options for grain and silage bags. Other burning wastes, especially when smouldering, can also release poisonous products. In addition burn barrels pose other hazards to the user such as exploding containers, flare-ups and fire risk. Their contents have also been responsible for fires at transfer stations and at the landfill and there are restrictions on their disposal



Newell Regional Solid Waste has policies which support recycling throughout the County of Newell. Clean cardboard, newsprint & magazines and paper are accepted 24 hours/day at the Newell Recycling Depot (279 Veiner Rd., Brooks), Bassano Recycling Depot, Recycling Sheds in Duchess, Rolling Hills, Rosemary, Tilley & Scandia & Recycling Trailers Gem, Lake Newell Resort & Patricia Dinosaur

Corner Store. As well other recyclables accepted at the Regional Landfill, BARRA in Bassano and Newell Recycling in Brooks include, computers, televisions & household electronics. The following table identifies unacceptable and recyclable wastes and proper disposal options:

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