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The tipping fee for asphalt shingles and other construction and demolition debris
at the Newell Regional Landfill is no charge for less than 1,000kg and $25/tonne
for loads over 1,000kg (fee applied to entire load). It is the responsibility of the
generator to ensure that any materials brought to the landfill for disposal
are acceptable and are separated as required. In the case of asphalt shingles
this means that all loose wastes must be bagged separately for alternate
disposal. Pallets, metal and cardboard must be also be separated and are
directed to other locations.

Smaller amounts of wastes and/or recyclables which should have been separated
may require sorting at the landfill and there is no charge if done by the client.
Loads which contain substantial amounts of recyclables and/or wastes requiring
segregation may be rejected at the landfill. Alternatively if unsorted and dumped
at the landfill the Site Manager may apply an improper sorting surcharge.  In addition any landfill operator and equipment time needed for sorting will also be charged back.

For waste management & diversion options call Newell Regional Solid Waste at (403) 362-9567.

For more information regarding the Newell Regional Landfill see its web site at

For recycling options call Newell Recycling: (403) 362-2132
Thank you for your cooperation.
R. A. (Ray) Juska
Manager, NRSWMA Ltd.

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